Each year, some of Wisconsin's finest student musicians gather to work with nationally-acclaimed conductors and expert coaches for the unforgettable experience that is the WSMA High School State Honors Music Project.

WSMA invites all students currently enrolled in grades 9, 10 or 11 at a WSMA member school to audition for 2021. Audition registration closes at 11:59 p.m. Friday, December 4, 2020.
Eight Common Myths About the WSMA High School State Honors Music Project: Busted! 
Myth 1: Students need a teacher recommendation to register for auditions.
All students in grades 9, 10 or 11 who attend a WSMA member school during auditions and next fall are eligible and encouraged to register -- no recommendations required. 

Myth 2: Only teachers can register students for auditions. 
Students, parents or teachers may submit online audition registration on behalf of interested students. 

Myth 3: A student is "too young" or "not ready." 
Students who audition are evaluated on the quality of their audition -- not their grade or experience levels. The audition process is a valuable learning experience for all students that will strengthen their skills, regardless of the outcome. Only students who audition have the chance of being accepted to the project.

Myth 4: A student must be an exceptional soloist. 
While the solo is an important component of auditions, evaluators heavily weight sight-reading and musical skills, as the project requires learning music from first sight to final performance. 

Myth 5: Only students who want a career in music should audition. 
All eligible student musicians are encouraged to audition. This project is more than a "resume-builder." In addition to challenging and honoring great student musicians, it celebrates the heart and spirit of music, an experience that stays with students for a lifetime -- no matter where that life may take them. 

Myth 6: A student must study privately. 
Private study is an opportunity for students to strengthen skills, but it is not a prerequisite to being a great musician or candidate for this project. Audition evaluators are unaware of which students study privately. 

Myth 7: Only students from large or affluent communities stand a chance. 
Auditions are anonymous and evaluated on skills only. Audition evaluators are unaware of a student's name, age, grade level or school. 

Myth 8: Tuition is too expensive. 
WSMA offers need-based tuition assistance, and many school, booster and community groups also offer scholarships. Sometimes these groups allocate money specifically for this project, but they need students to identify themselves in order to connect -- it never hurts to ask. 


Contact WSMA Program Director Victoria Donahue