Tournament of Roses Payment Information

Tournament of Roses Payment Update

After carefully reviewing the Tournament of Roses fundraising efforts, the Boosters will cover the October payment for students and chaperones.
HOWEVER‹, please note that this payment assumes that band families will continue to support and participate in upcoming fundraising activities. Sign up at If we do not continue at our current fundraising rate, we may end up short and may need to later charge students and chaperones for non-travel costs associated with the trip. Some of our upcoming fundraising that the Boosters are counting on that allowed us to make the decision to cover the October payment:
    - Resch Center: It is imperative that we fully staff all Resch Center dates as a portion of those proceeds go to the Tournament of Roses in addition to funds going to individual accounts.  Anyone 18 and older can help.
    - Lambeau Ticket Scanning:  This is a large portion of our Tournament of Roses fundraising and we need a full 19 people at each Packers game through the end of the year.  Anyone 18 and older can help.
   Watch for signups and other info on:
    - Pie Sale:  Thanksgiving pie sale.  Help is needed to make the pies and to sell the pies.
    - Holiday Candy Tray sale:  Help will be needed to help make the candy and sell the trays.
    - Yard Signs:  By popular demand will be offering Tournament of Roses yard signs shortly.  Help is needed to sell the signs.
    - Cribbage Tournament:  Date to be announced.  Teams will be needed.

With the October payment, the total cost that the Boosters will be covering for the students and chaperones will be $162,000.  As of today, $145,404 has been raised. This means that the above fundraising efforts must result in an additional $16,596.  In order to make this goal, we will need the support of all 219 students going on the trip, all 31 chaperones and the parents of all 231 students.  With everyone¹s efforts the goal is reachable by the time we go
on the trip.
Also remember that the Pulaski Music Boosters exists to support our schools' entire music program, both band and choir. There are significant upcoming expenses that we have traditionally covered, such as solo & ensemble fees that reach into the thousands of dollars. It is important that Tournament of Roses fundraising efforts continue so that our ability to support our entire music program continues as well.
The Music Boosters would like to thank Michelle Baranczyk for her excellent work as our Tournament of Roses Fundraising Coordinator to bring us to this point.  Please continue to support her efforts in the coming months.
Lisa Voelker
Renee Slezewski
Laura Fenandael
Laura Hickson