Summer Band 2019 Schedule

Summer 2019 PHS Band and Marching Band Information

During June 2019, group music lessons are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and last for 1 hour. Students are expected to attend lessons 1 day a week. Summer band lessons available for all band students and required for marching band students. Concert on the Concourse is also required.

 Summer Band Lessons:

 Tuesdays: (June 11, 18 & 25)

8:00AM Clarinets

9:00AM Flutes/Mallets

10:00AM Alto Sax/French Horns

11:00AM Bass Drums/Cymbals

1:00PM Snares/Quads

2:00PM Tenor Saxes/Trombones/Baritones

3:00PM Tubas/Bari Saxes


Wednesdays: (June 12, 19 & 26)

8:00AM Tubas/Bari Saxes

9:00AM Tenor Saxes/Trombones/Baritones

10:00AM Snares/Quads

11:00AM Clarinets

1:00PM Flutes/Mallets

2:00PM Alto Saxes/French Horns

3:00PM Trumpets


Thursdays: (June 13, 20 & 27)

8:00AM Trumpets

9:00AM Alto Saxes/French Horns

10:00AM Tenor Saxes/Trombones/Baritones

11:00AM Tubas/Bari Saxes

1:00PM Bass Drums/Cymbals

2:00PM Flutes/Mallets

3:00PM Clarinets


Concert on the Concourse: June 27


Marching Band

If your child is joining marching band, he/she will need to be present for summer band lessons, Polka Days Parade, Band Camp, other parades, and the marching rehearsal/football schedule.  


• July 21: Polka Days Parade (mandatory)

• July 29-August 2: Band Camp 

June Marching rehearsals are on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 5:30 report drum line and color guard, 6:30 winds, 9:30 dismissal. 


Parade Schedule 


• Friday, June 7th - Brillion, WI "Brillionfest" Night Parade @ 9 PM

• Sunday, July 14th - Marinette, WI "Logging and Heritage Festival"

• Saturday, August 10th - Seymour, WI "Home of the Hamburger" Parade

• TENTATIVE Friday, August 30th - Crandon, WI "50th Anniversary Crandon Speedway" Parade

• TENTATIVE Monday, September 2nd - Suring, WI "Labor Day" Parade

• TENTATIVE Saturday, September 7th - Lena, WI "Dairyfest" Parade



 In August, we will have Wednesday evening rehearsals from 5:30 (drum line and color guard) and 6:30 (winds) until 9:00pm. Once school begins, our rehearsals will go to Thursday night.

 Home football game schedule:


• August 22

• August 29

• September 20

• October 4

• October 11