New York Trip Information

Trip presentation from Feb 11, 2019 meeting. 



Payment Schedule:

August 1st deposit - $175

August 15th - $75

$75 due the 1st & 15th of September, October, November, December, January, and February.

March is a final payment of $100.

To request a payment be made from your student's band or booster account, click HERE. 



1. Click HERE for general information on the trip.

This is the online link for the shadow tour (This link is not applicable for any band or choir members or chaperones with that group.)

From Perform America:

"The first payment date is due on or before September 13. Travelers may enroll immediately upon receipt of the link, and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Every person traveling should use this link to register for the trip.

Friends and family members will choose the links based on their projected occupancy. Adults generally tend to enroll at double occupancy, unless there are other family members traveling with them, in which case they may choose the occupancy rate that works for them. The Hilton Newark Airport has two queen beds in each room. Married couples will most likely be assigned to king rooms.

Individuals must go through all the steps online before they are fully registered for the trip. They will receive a confirmation once they are properly registered. When filling in their birthdate, they must use the exact format MM/DD/YYYY. When typing in a phone number, please do not use any hyphens/dashes. Just a small note: please advise everyone to be aware that clicking twice to submit the enrollment will result in being charged for double the amount of the trip (if they are paying by credit card). CLICK ONLY ONCE!