New York Trip Chaperones Final List

From D. Thomas Busch, PHS Director of Bands


NEW YORK TRIP CHAPERONES:“It’s a great problem to have!” We have had more chaperones volunteer for our upcoming trip than we have students. Between the three music instructors, we decided to follow the “first come - first served” method for our selection process.


It should also be noted that we have divided up the parent volunteers to represent the same percentage of the kids going on the trip. There are roughly 140 band and 40 choir students participating in this trip. This in turn meant our chaperones selected were 18 band parents and 5 choir parents which will allow us to keep our ratio of 1 chaperon for every 8 students (2 quad rooms).


Lisa Matuszak                         7/13/18

Erin McCallum                          7/21/18

Steve Wilinski                          7/25/18

Donna Wilinski             7/25/18

Kelli Birk                                   7/25/18

Mindy Jensen                          7/25/18

Betsy Nickel                            7/25/18

Frances Gwidt                                    7/25/18

Michael Janes                         7/25/18

Alexandra Janes                     7/25/18

Helen Seiltz                             7/26/18

Amy Lynn Herison                  7/26/18

Lisa Ficarri                              7/28/18

Ross Ficarri                             7/28/18

Erica Huettl                              7/30/18

Michelle Lowery                      7/31/18

Chad Lowery                          7/31/18

Michelle Graf                           7/31/18

Dave Graf                               7/31/18

Jamie Hock                              7/31/18

Stephanie Dworak                  8/1/18

Sue Tengowski                       8/1/18

Tom Tengowski                       8/1/18


To those who were not selected, we thank you… deeply! Your willingness to assist as a chaperon with this trip is a fantastic testimony to your dedication to your child and their educational opportunities.


If you have sent in a check for your deposit, we have a few options… The easiest is to simply return the check to you (if it has not been cashed). The other option is to credit your payment to your child's account for the trip.

Lastly, we may be able to forward your payment to the ‘Shadow Tour” if you would like to participate in that program.


Once again, thank you to all that volunteered and please consider doing so in the future.