New Members

The intent of this primer is to provide new Pulaski Music Booster members with information on regular PHS Music events and activities.

While each year may bring unique events or trips for the music programs, there are also regular annual activities that the boosters support. For experienced Booster members, the “what, where, why, and how” is straightforward, but for new members it can be quite confusing or overwhelming. We hope that this primer will provide new members with helpful information so that you can determine where you can contribute your time and energy to support Pulaski Music!


Spring Fundraiser (Generally a food product sale)

What: This fund raising activity is for all music students and their families. Typically products from a local or regional food producer are sold (recent year's sales included Coffee and Kringles or Pizza).

Why: The monies raised from this fundraiser serve two purposes. A 50% portion of the profits on goods sold by each student goes to the student’s individual trip account and a 50% portion of the profits go to the Boosters general fund.

When: This sale typically is in March/April and lasts for approx two weeks.

How You Can Help: Two parents are needed to coordinate this sale. This involves contacting the fundraising company to coordinate details, getting materials to the band directors for them to distribute to students during classes, collecting order forms with payments from the students, and distributing products to students. In addition, all parents can encourage their student to sell items as well as selling items themselves.

Packers/Lambeau Field 

What:  Packer Family Night ticket sales: We pre-sell Family Night tickets at face value and retain a percentage of the sale price for the booster club. We also scan tickets before home games, and clean up after games. The availability of work slots is shown under the "Volunteer" tab. 

When:  Ticket sale typically is late May through early June. Ticket scanning and stadium cleanup occur during the preseason through post-season. 

How You Can Help:  Share the information with friends, family and co-workers.  Take pre-paid orders and submit them.  Distribute the tickets once they arrive. Sign up to volunteer for ticket scanning and stadium cleanup. Students may also volunteer for scanning and cleanup. 

Gas and Grocery Card Sales

What:  Kwik Trip, Festival Foods, and Woodman's gift card sales.  This fund raising activity is for all music students and their families.

Why:  These businesses allow us to purchase pre-paid gift cards that can be used for any purchase in their respective stores. We purchase them at a discount off face value and sell them at face value, which creates a "profit" off each sale. However, since the full value of the card is used in the store, there is no net cost to the person buying the card. Of this profit, a portion goes to the account of the student selling the card, and a portion goes to the Booster General Fund. 

When:  Ongoing

How You Can Help:  Share the information with friends, family and co-workers.  Take pre-paid orders and submit them. Distribute the cards.

Holiday Sale

What:  Music students sell items from a variety of catalogues or flyers.  Past sales have included pizza, cookie dough and Laney cheese.

Why:  The music directors or their designate organizes this sale.  100% of proceeds from this sale benefit the students' trip account.  Goods are delivered during the first week in December.

When:  This sale is approx 2 weeks in the late fall (October/November).

How You Can Help:  The goods are delivered to PHS during the first week of December.  6-10 volunteers are needed to sort the goods and organize them for each student to pick up to distribute.

How Else Can I Help?

Uniform Assistance

What/When: Marching uniforms are distributed to students prior to each uniformed performance. And, uniforms are collected and checked for completeness after each use. In addition, uniforms must be inventoried and readied prior to and after any trip.

Where: Uniform storage room, adjacent to the main band room.

How You Can Help: The Uniform Manager coordinates all uniform related activities. Typically 6 to 8 parents are needed before and after each uniformed performance to efficiently distribute and re-store uniforms. Sign-up to help on the website, or just show up before/after performances.

Fall Festival and Band Night – Marching Band Performances

What/When: The Red Raider Marching Band performs the National Anthem and a half-time show during the Friday night PHS football games. For the Fall Festival performance, following the pre-game rehearsal, the Music Boosters provides a meal for the band and color guard.  PHS Marcing Red Raiders also host the PCMS 8th grade band for a joint field performance during the Band Night football game.  Following the pre-game rehearsal for this performance, the Music Boosters provide a meal for the PCMS and PHS band members and color guard.

Where: PHS Commons

How You Can Help: Two or three parents are needed to co-chair a committee to organize the meal.  We request donations for ingredients, beverages and desserts.  In addition, several volunteers are needed the day of the event to help prepare, serve and clean up after the meal.

Marching Band Field Show Performances

What/When:  The Red Raider Marching Band peforms the National Anthem pre-game show and a half-time show at the Friday night PHS football games.  The band rehearses at the high school prior to the game and then marches to the football field after a "supper" break.

Where:  PHS Band Room

How You Can Help:  Parents are needed to accompany the band for traffic control and supervision.  For each game we will need volunteers in cars with flashing lights to assist as well as some on foot marching with the band.

Jazz Veterans Day Dinner/Dance

What: The Jazz Dinner Dance is a fundraising event that benefits PHS Jazz programs. This event includes performances by PHS Jazz and Choral ensembles, and a catered dinner with table service provided by student Jazz Club members. Area veterans are also honored during this event.

When/Where: This event is typically held on a Saturday evening in early November (around Veterans Day) in the PHS Commons.

How You Can Help: This event is student run, however volunteers (6-10) to help students with set-up and take down are appreciated. You can also help by attending, bringing some guests and enjoying some fine jazz and a good meal.

Chilirific Musicpalooza

What/Why: The Chili supper is the main winter fundraising event of the Music Boosters. Profits from this event support the booster’s general fund. The supper includes a full meal including Chili, sandwiches, desert and drinks prepared and served by the Music Boosters. The event is open to the public. During the supper, PHS and PCMS Jazz bands entertain guests. Tickets for the Chili Supper can be purchased from students before the event, or at the door. Raffle tickets are also sold at the supper. Donated prizes are raffled off and silent auction themed baskets are provided.  Most of the profits are retained by the PHS music boosters, but we do have some activities from which the proceeds are given to the PCMS booster organization.

When/Where: The Chilirific Musicpalooza takes place in the PHS commons and Fred Kestly Fieldhouse, typically the last Sunday in January (the bye week between last playoff game and the Super Bowl).

How You Can Help: A committee of 3-6 people is required to organize this large event. In addition, 50+ people are needed the day of the event. Activities include coordinating use of PHS facilities, preparing the chili and sandwiches, soliciting businesses for donated items, organizing student donations for silent auction baskets, serving food at the supper, and cleaning up afterwards.

District Solo and Ensemble Festival

What: Pulaski music students perform solo & ensemble pieces that are evaluated by adjudicators. Pulaski periodically hosts the festival for PHS and PCMS students as well as students from other school districts. This is a large event with several hundred people involved including students, directors, judges and parents from two high schools and two middle schools. The boosters provide setup, room monitors, runners, food concessions and result scoring and posting.

When/Where: Normally held in March/April timeframe.

How You Can Help: A committee made up of 3-4 people is needed to work with the music directors to organize the event and event volunteers. Many volunteers (50-100) are needed for all the functions described above on the day of the event. Profits from sale of concession items are retained for the PHS booster’s general fund.  Profits from floral sales are retained by the PCMS Booster organization.

Spring Band & Choir Awards Concert/BACAS (Band and Choir Awards Show)

What/Why: The PHS bands and choirs each perform an end-of-the-school-year concert typically on a Sunday afternoon. Awards are presented at the concert and all seniors are recognized.  The Friday night prior is the student led BACAS.

When/Where: Mid/late May in the PHS Ripley Performing Arts Center.

How You Can Help: The boosters provide punch and cookies following the BACAS performance. 6-8 volunteers are needed to organize refreshments and for set-up and take down.

Concert on the Concourse

What: PHS and PCMS bands perform prepared pieces from their June “summer band” work.

When/Where: The event is normally held on the last Thursday in June, outdoors on the PHS concourse.

How You Can Help: The PCMS Music Booster and PHS Music Boosters jointly organize a Pie and Ice Cream Social. Volunteers are needed to help serve pie/ice cream, help with set-up and take down, and to donate delicious pies. One or two volunteers are also needed to coordinate the event.

Trip Chaperones

Chaperones are required almost anytime band or choir groups travel - day trips for parades, large group performances, pep band performances and other events; and overnight trips. Chaperone slots are generally filled on a first-come/first-serve basis. Duties include loading and unloading equipment and supplies, as well as monitoring activities of 4 to 8 students.  Chaperones are responsible for their own expenses (when applicable).