New Dinkel Directive for Stadium Turf

We have received a directive from the athletic/facilities department regarding the new stadium turf:

"Just to clarify, we cannot have flat-soled shoes on the turf field.  Rubber-molded cleats are best and if not available, then non-flat soled tennis shoes may be worn.  Dinkles should be avoided.  I understand thet thay are part of your uniform though, so if you must wear them for halftime performances, I understand.  We cannot have them worn for pracices though.  This is also the case for Converse, skater shoes like Vans, etc...anything with flat bottoms should be avoided where repetive movement on the field in concerned.  This will be the same case with all field users such as phys ed., football, track, baseball, softball, dance, cheer, soccer, etc."

Here are other examples of the types of flat-bottomed shoes that are a "no" for stadium turf: