General Guidelines and Information

Solo/Ensemble Requirement

All Choir students are required to learn a piece of music for the WSMA Solo & Ensemble Festival, either a solo or ensemble piece. It is not a requirement to compete in the festival but it is highly encouraged. Students may choose to perform a Class A Solo only if he or she previously received a score of 1 on a Class B Solo.

National Anthem

The “Star Spangled Banner” is an anthem that embodies honor and respect for our country. Students who perform it at school and athletic events are expected to dress in an appropriate fashion. No hats or revealing/inappropriate apparel of any kind will be tolerated.

Concert Attire

The PHS Choir robes, tuxes, and dresses are to be treated with utmost care. When not being worn they are to be neatly hung and placed in the Choir closet. Any mistreatment of attire on the part of a student will result in consequences and possibly paying for any necessary cleaning, pressing, repair, or replacement of the choir robe. Women must provide their own black dress shoes. Men must provide their own black socks, white dress shirt, and black dress shoes.


All PHS Choir students are required to attend voice lessons with the director. These lessons will be 10-15 minutes long and can occur during study hall, lunch period, or before/after school. A master schedule of all lesson times will be created in the first weeks of schools. Students will receive grades for completing these lessons. If a student misses a lesson for any reason he or she must schedule a make-up lesson within two weeks of the missed lesson to receive credit.


Any concert solos will be awarded on an audition basis.

Disciplinary Action

If classroom guidelines are not followed, any inappropriate behavior will be addressed with a Warning. Parents will be notified if the behavior does not improve. If the student’s actions still do not change disciplinary action will follow.