There is an ongoing fundraising opportunity for the band and choir students to participate in to earn money for their student accounts for future trips.

Kwik Trip Gift Cards are available in 3 different denominations: $25, $50, and $100 with "special orders" of smaller increments ($10 and $20) available as well.  At Christmas and around Graduation, $10 and $20 denominations will be on hand for gift giving. Gift cards can be used at the pumps and in the stores. 5% of purchase will go into your student account. If you purchase food items in the store, PMB General Fund will receive 10% in return.

To Purchase:

Deposit Kwik Trip order form with payment in the box in the PHS band room or give directly to Destin or Rolean Wernicke or Arthur or Elaine Gajewski.   Payment is due at the time of ordering - checks should be made out to "Pulaski Music Boosters" - NO CASH PLEASE in the band room box, as we can't be responsible for lost or stolen cash.  

Orders are placed approximately once a month on an as needed basis.  Special orders can be placed, but it may be 4 weeks before your order is placed depending on when the last order was sent in.  To cut down on shipping fees we place large orders usually near the beginning of each month.

For additional questions, to order and/or schedule pick-up contact Rolean Wernicke.

Kwik Trip Fine Print-

After a period of 12 months of non-use, a $2.00 monthly service fee will be deducted from the remaining balance on the card (unless prohibited by law).  Please be sure to date and rotate your stock.

If you use your card at the pump, you need to complete the sale before going into the store to use your card for merchandise.  If you do not complete the sale the card will not work in the store.