Freshman Auditions

In the spring of each year, various band auditions are held. The following are band and ensembles that Freshman may wish to audition for:

Red Raider Jazz Band
Director: Ms. Kayla Koch

Requirements for all instruments:
Each student will need to perform the following:

  • The Dorian, Mixolydian, and Ionian scales (up to the 9 th) and arpeggios (1,3,5,7,9) that are found in the concert keys of Bb, Eb, and F in swung 8 th notes. Tempo should be at mm=108.
  • A chromatic scale in your fastest controlled tempo from your lowest comfortable note to your highest comfortable note.
  • Reading. A jazz chart will be presented at your audition. You will read the part that you are most interested in playing in the ensemble.
  • A minimum of a 12 bar blues solo in concert Bb, accompanied by a Jamie Abersold play-a-long CD. The CD can be found on at P:\Music\Student Work\Red Raider Jazz. I also have 3 copies on CD that you may borrow.
  • Percussionists: you will be asked to demonstrate and understanding of the following styles on drum set: Swing, Shuffle, Bossa Nova, Samba, Funk, and Rock. These grooves will be performed in addition to the above material, which will be performed on Vibraphone.


  • Each scale (Dorian, Mixolydian, Ionian) will be worth 16 possible points.
  • Each Arpeggio (Dorian, Mixolydian, Ionian) will be worth 10 possible points.
  • The chromatic scale can be worth as much as 48 points for a 2-octave minimum. Fewer points will be available for a 1-octave performance. Points are awarded for accuracy and steadiness of time and correct fingerings (saxophones).
  • Reading will be worth 36 points. Points are awarded for good time, accuracy of rhythm and pitch, and not stopping halfway thru.
  • Points for the blues solo will be based on time, note selection, and groove. Total possible points will be 48.


Wind Ensemble
Director: Mr. D. Thomas Busch
Scale sheets are available from your band teacher. To sign up for an audition time or for more information, contact Mr. Busch.

For Incoming Freshmen:

  1. Student must be recommended by Mr. Kozlovsky
  2. Student must have played an class A solo for Solo & Ensemble
  3. Student must successfully perform and record the major & minor scales on the scale sheet @ mm = 52 with the "smartmusic" music software program. Each major and minor scale will be followed by 2 beats of rest before the next set of major/minor scale begins.
  4. A resume of the students accomplishments, private musical study etc. is a added bonus for a deeper understanding of level of dedication and commitment by the student.

For Current High School Band Members:

  1. Student must have played an class A or B solo for Solo & Ensemble
  2. Student must successfully perform the major & minor scales on the scale sheet @ mm = 52

Students who opt to play the scales faster than the specified tempo will receive a higher point value based upon the tempo selected.

Drum Line
Coach: Mr. Adam LeGrave

Drum line auditions consist of performing the audition material on the instrument the student considers their "goal instrument" for the following summer and fall marching season. This year's audition material is "The Ultimate Warm-Up" and "Intonation Motivation." Returning members are to prepare both pieces and new members are only required to prepare one of the two.

For more information, contact Mr. Busch or the Drum Line Coach Adam LeGrave.

Color Guard
Advisor:  Beth Manning

Who can audition?

  1. Only ladies enrolled in a band class may gain membership into the Color Guard.
  2. It is strongly recommended that only woodwind players audition for Color Guard.
  3. Incoming freshmen ladies may also audition for Color Guard.

Audition Requirements:

  1. Students auditioning for Color Guard will be expected to perform the routine for the school song and demonstrate some marching skills.
  2. There will be rehearsals prior to the audition date, times and dates will posted as they become available.

For more information, contact Beth Manning.

Assistant Drum Major
Director: Mr. D. Thomas Busch

The purpose of the Assistant Drum Major is to assist the Lead Drum Major in the musical direction of the Pulaski Red Raider Marching Band. As an assistant field leader, this position is to follow the lead and direction of the Lead Drum Major, as the assistant conductor in rehearsals, performances, and exhibitions.

The Assistant Drum Major will assist the staff of the Pulaski Red Raider Marching Band in the operation of the band and to ensure that morale, spirit and tradition is kept for all students.

The Assistant Drum Major should be considered as a trainee, during this period, the Assistant Drum Major is learning from the Band Director and Lead Drum Major how to conduct and perform the duties of the Lead Drum Major.

Definition of Office
It is the responsibility of the Assistant Drum Major to aid the role of the Lead Drum Major. In the event the Drum Major is not in attendance the Assistant Drum Major will be the acting Lead Drum Major for that event.

Qualifications for Assistance Drum Major
The position of Assistant Drum Major is an appointed and earned position. The director of the Pulaski Red Raider Marching Band has the final decision on who will be the Assistant Drum Major and whether or not the Assistant Drum Major is capable of continuing as Lead Drum Major for the following year. The post of Assistant Drum Major may only be appointed to a student who has completed at least one year of the Band Program.

Questionnaire/Letter of Intent

  • Three Letters of Recommendation from PHS Faculty
  • Band Participation
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Dedication
  • Performance during try-outs

Term of Office
The Assistant Drum Major assumes his/her duties after the Pulaski Polka Days Parade of the year they auditioned (traditionally, the third week in July) and remain Assistant Drum Major until the Lead Drum Major graduates. Once the Lead Drum Major graduates, the Assistant Drum Major assumes the Lead Drum Major position after the completion of the Pulaski Polka Days Parade of that given year.

It is the task of the Assistant Drum Major to practice and rehearse all selected music to be performed for the Pulaski Red Raider Marching Band season. Scores and musical selections will be provided for the assistant drum major to rehearse conducting patterns and become familiar with standard tunes.

The Assistant Drum Major should make an effort to meet all members of the Pulaski Red Raider Marching Band during the band camp week.

The Assistant Drum Major shall make him or herself available to the Band Director and Lead Drum Major to learn how to answer questions and concerns.

It is expected that the Assistant Drum Major will attend and assist the Director, Lead Drum Major, and Section Leaders in the planning of required meetings.

As a field leader, the Assistant Drum Major must be knowledgeable (conducting methods) of all music that the band is performing and must affix their sight unto the Lead Drum Major during rehearsals and performances to ensure a consistent beat pattern and tempi.

As one of the “most visible” band members, it is imperative that the assistant drum major exercises good judgment in his or her actions both on and off the field. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions and possible dismissal from the post.