Drumline Info!

Info for April 23 Auditions:


Snares: Warm Up on Pads at 130 bpm, Audition Etude at 120 bpm, and Slippery Thunder at 120 bpm

Mallets: Warm Up #51 at 100 bpm, Dee See at 120 bpm, Major Scales C, F, B Flat, and E Flat – Eighth notes at 120 bpm, Chromatic Scale – Triplets and Sixteenth notes at 120bpm

Unless students are playing bass drum or cymbals, all students must audition on either snare or mallets. If a student chooses to not audition, they will play cymbals over the summer and 18-19 school year.
Drumfest is Saturday, May 19 at Bay Beach Amusement Park. The performance will include all members of the high school drumline. Eighth graders are welcome to attend Drumfest with the high school drumline, but will not perform. Details to come.
Drumline will also appear at the Fox Valley Force game on the evening of Saturday, May 19 and at the Green Bay Blizzard game on Friday, June 1.


If interested in purchasing tickets for either the Fox Valley Force game or the Green Bay Blizzard game, please contact me at Stephanie_rodgers@live.com or text/call (920)606-4085.