Current Fundraisers

There are many opportunities for you to support the Pulaski Music Boosters and our world-class music programs! Some fundraisers support the general music booster fund, some are dedicated to either choir or band, and some also offer you the opportunity to help build your student's activity account to pay for trips taken by the choir and band programs. (Note: Activity account fundraising is credited to students' accounts, not paid to students or families directly. Please refer to the booster Bylaws for full details on student accounts.)

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Booster General Fund Fundraisers

Student Account Fundraisers
New York Trip Fundraisers (July 1, 2018 - February 1, 2019)

The Boosters will make a contribution toward trip expenses of students/families who actively support fundraising efforts allocated to that contribution. In order to receive a contribution, a minimum of 10 hours of service is required for each participant attending. i.e, if one student in the family is attending, 10 hours are required. If two students are attending and two parents are chaperoning, 10 hours per person are required (40 total to receive a contribution for all four attendees). The 10 hour minimum will not be pro-rated to receive a lesser contribution--it is "all or nothing."

The exact amount of the booster contribution will be determined after the last fundraiser is completed and therefore depends on the success of each fundraiser and the number of people participating. However the contribution is expected to be approximately $200.

The following fundraisers count toward minimum hours required for a PMB contribution to your New York Trip.

  • Cookie trays 
  • Chilirific Musicpalooza
  • Raffles
  • Other fundraisers may be added and announced later.