Cookie Sale Results

The cookie sale was a huge success. Over 300 trays were sold. A huge shout-out and thank you goes to Jen Rhoades, Renee Slezewski, and Lisa Voelker for all your help and planning, as well as to all of the individuals who donated supplies and time. A special thank you to Bruce and Tammy at Dynamic Designs for donating the printing and laminating of the signs we placed around the village, and to Thrivent Financial for a $250 donation to use for supplies.

We must hold the record for the most cutout cookies decorated by band students in less than 3 hours! The students came in after school and cranked out over 2,000 cookies. Without this help, we would have been in a really rough place going into Thursday's baking day. If your children were helpers that day, be sure to let them know how much their help was appreciated. The more we can get students involved in fundraising, the better. Thanks to the directors for promoting the effort and making sure the students got involved as well.