Choir Awards

Choral Awards

The following awards are presented each year:

National School Choral Award 

The National School Choral Award is given to the choir member who is most involved in choral repertoire through a variety of choral experiences, both in school and outside of school. It is a recognition of a student who has truly dedicated themselves to experiencing as much choral music and as many choirs as they had the opportunity to try. The student should be:

  • a student in multiple choirs in school
  • a student who has auditioned for and been accepted into State and/or National Honors Choirs
  • exhibits outstanding musicianship and ability
  • Highly dedicated
  • Leadership and contributions to any and all choirs evident
  • Strong academic achievement

2009 N/A
2010 Sandra Weid
2011 Alex Hu
2012 Rachel Gullickson
2013 Karlye Whitt
2014 Angela Townsend
2015 Clara Peterson
2016 Michelle Wood
2017 Isabelle Robertson
2018 Dana Madden
2019 Gabe Koepke

Outstanding Chorus Member 

The Outstanding Chorus Member is given to the student whose dedication to the musicianship of the choir goes well above and beyond the call of duty. They are often a section leader or a strong member of their section. This award is given to a person whose intent is to continue in Music Education after completing high school. Their attributes also include:

  • high moral values
  • high academic achievement

2009 N/A
2010 Ellen Berg
2011 Ryan Dummer
2012 Mallory Mayer
2013 Kendall Forsberg, Jordan Collin
2014 Olivia Lundberg
2015 Devon Caelwaerts
2016 MacKenzie Gehrke
2017 Katie Challoner
2018 Jordan Busse
2019 Ava Baenen

Fred Waring

Fred Waring was an outstanding conductor and arranger of choral music. He was the leader of a group called “The Pennsylvanians” and later “The Fred Waring Chorale.” He was highly instrumental in bringing chorale music into the forefront of American entertainment. The Fred Waring Award is given to the student who portrays the following attributes of an exceptional choir member:

  • Outstanding musicianship and ability
  • Exceptional dedication to the choir and choir events
  • Portrays qualities of leadership toward the choir as a section leader and/or a dedicated events co-coordinator
  • Shows high moral values
  • Portrays high academic achievement

2009 Ellen Berg
2010 Ali Molnar
2011 Jordyn Anklam
2012 Chelsey DeGrave
2013 Shelby Cornell
2014 Kelly Szczepanski
2015 Riley Bonnin
2016 Destin Wernicke
2017 Annicka Rabida
2018 Emmarose Bader
2019 Benjamin Petroll