At the Monday, June 8th Booster Club meeting, we voted on the following ByLaw change:

New Bylaw:

Student Account Policy

Money raised by Pulaski High School (PHS) music students through Pulaski Community Music Booster (PMB) sponsored fundraisers is deposited into a PMB issued bank account and held in the Liabilities Account “Students Account Payable”. Such funds are earmarked with students’ names and can be used to pay toward music-related trips or other expenses that have been approved for payment by the PHS Music Directors from the PHS Student Accounts. Once a student graduates from the PHS music program, any remaining funds become holdings of a younger sibling who is active in a PHS music program. Following graduation of the last family member to be active in a PHS music program, any funds remaining in “Students Account Payable” are transferred into the PMB General Fund. Remaining money is never refunded to students or students’ families however, a written request may be submitted to the PMB Executive Board to have the remaining funds used towards a specific music-related purpose.