Booster Student Account Policy

Pulaski Music Boosters Fundraising Policy

 Effective July 1st, 2018, fundraising by the Pulaski Music Boosters will be based on a point system.

 If a Music Department trip is to be supported by the Pulaski Music Boosters, every student will receive a base amount of support from the PMB toward trip payments. This amount will vary from year to year and trip to trip. This support will be from corporate and community sponsor donations and the amount will be designated by that years current Executive Board members.

 Parents and students who wish to earn money for their booster account above the base amount can do so by volunteering as follows.

 Throughout the year, there will be “student account” events that generate funds that are not allocated to the PMB general fund. These non-general fund designated events can include, but are not limited to and are subject to change, Resch Center concessions, Lambeau ticket scanning, cookie tray sales, bake sales, booyah sales, other concessions, pie social, and others. These events will be awarded 1 point for every hour that is volunteered by parents or students. These events will be clearly designated as student account and/or non-general fund events before the event.

 Each calendar quarter the proceeds from events held during that quarter will be tallied and divided by the amount of points that were earned. EXAMPLE: If there was $5000.00 generated in a quarter, and there were 500 points earned that quarter, each point would be valued at $10.00. If you earned 10 points, you would receive $100.00 (10 points x $10.00 per point) for your student’s PMB account. Use of any and all funds received is governed by the PMB student account policy in the bylaws.

 All Resch Center events (concerts, Gamblers Games, Blizzard Games, Disney, etc.), will earn the same 1 point per hour volunteered regardless of the proceeds received for each individual event. This is designed to even out high and low revenue events.

 Events that do not generate funds and that require volunteers, such as parades, football games, band feeds, etc.; events that generate PMB general fund revenue and where volunteers are required; and/or any other music department event where volunteers are required will not earn points. These events are expected to be staffed by parent/family volunteers as they have always been. These events are very important to the music program and still require family support.