Band Awards

Band Awards & Special Recognition

The following awards are presented each year:

John Philip Sousa Award:
Introduced in 1955 to honor the top student in the high school band, the John Philip Sousa Band Award recognizes superior musicianship and outstanding dedication.
1. Outstanding musicianship and ability
2. Extreme dedication to the band program
3. Strong leaderships skills and contributions above and beyond the call of duty to their band.
4. High moral values
5. High academic achievement
6. The highest total points for their four years.

John Philip Sousa Award Winners
2006: Megan Howard
2007: Aaron Duke
2008: Stephanie Rodgers
2009: Lystra Charnon
2010: Bryan Sesko
2011: Jamie Rodgers
2012: Amy Kawleski
2013: Adam Morgan
2014: Jesse Gazella
2015: Craig Sampo, Jr.
2016: Destin Wernicke
2017: Julianna Voelker
2018: Annika Linzmeier
2019: Sara Kurowski
2020: Caleb Wilinski

Patrick S. Gilmore Award:
The Patrick S. Gilmore award honors outstanding high school band students and their achievements and commitment to the band. It is the runner-up award to the John Philip Sousa Award.
1. Musicianship and ability
2. Contributions to their band program
3. Demonstrations of personal and professional qualities including citizenship, dependability, going above and beyond the call of duty
4. Second highest total points for their four years.

Patrick S. Gilmore Award Winners

2006: Laura Cleerman
2007: Shyekara Smith
2008: Justin Cacciatore
2009: Matt Lawler
2010: Blake Smith
2011: Kayla LaPlante
2012: Mariel Carlson
2013: Josh Kryger
2014: Riley Scanlan
2015: Arthur Gajewski
2016: Brooke Linzmeier
2017: Nolan Kozlovsky
2018: Tyler Tanner
2019: Ben Evenson
2020: Austin Kobylarczyk

Arion Award:
The Arion Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments and achievements in band and is awarded to the band student achieving the third-highest points total in band.
1. The individual’s contribution to his/her group
2. Performing ability and their musicianship
3. Their scholastic standing
4. Demonstration of personal and professional qualities in keeping with the school standards
5. Third-hightest point total for their four years.

Arion Award Winners
2006: Ryan Jones
2007: Joel Carlson
2008: Alex Jacques
2009: Elizabeth Wrobleski
2010: Seth Parmer
2011: Kaci Hoverson
2012: Laura Juszczyk
2013: Emily Smithback
2014: Joshua Hendzel
2015: Morgan Linzmeier
2016: Lexi Parr
2017: Josh Gillis
2018: Grant Parr
2019: Madison VanUs
2020: Megan Mielke

Semper Fidelis Award:
Presented by the United State Marine Corps:
Not only does the young musician have to maintain a high degree of proficiency with an instrument through practice and rehearsal, but they must also maintain passing grades and devote time to extra curricular needs of the band. In doing so, the high school musician displays traits the Marines consider essential: Endurance, Knowledge, Unselfishness, Dependability, Enthusiasm and Loyalty. To help high schools promote recognition of these achievements and the sacrifices the musicians will make, the Marine Corps provides the Semper Fidelis Music Award. It is awarded to the band student achieving the fourth-highest total points in band.

Semper Fidelis Award Winners

2007: Branden Doucette
2008: Brandon Harkonen
2009: Emily Wood
2010: Kevin Ripley
2011: Leigha Flagstad
2012: Luke Baranczyk
2013: Nate Hilliard
2014: Devin Wellner
2015: Brett Byrnes
2016: Justin Warax
2017: Evan Fenendael 
2018: Megan Walkenhorst
2019: Scotty Smith
2020: Dylan Fulgione

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

The Louis Armstrong Award is the highest level interscholastic jazz award for a musician. It is awarded by high schools nationwide in the United States in recognition of outstanding musical achievement and an incredible dedication to the program. It is earned by a single student.

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award Winners
2006: Adam Berndt
2007: Jeremiah Shrovnal
2008: Eric Rentmeester
2009: Matt Lawler
2010: Blake Smith
2011: N/A
2012: Luke Baranczyk
2013: Ryan Loining
2014: Camren Crouse
2015: Arthur Gajewski
2016: Destin Wernicke
2017: Julianna Voelker
2018: Grant Parr
2019: Sara Kurowski
2020: William Voelker 

Woody Herman Jazz Award

The Woody Herman Jazz Award recognizes oustanding jazz musicians and is the runner-up to the Louis Armstrong Award. It may be earned by multiple students. 

Woody Herman Jazz Award Winners

2006: Megan Howard, Adam LeGrave, Ryan Jones
2007: Aaron Duke, Brad Rehn, Katie Neshek, Eric Passehl
2008: Dan Kizaur, Stephanie Rodgers, Justin Cacciatore
2009: Anna Alger
2010: Corey Whitt, Brandon Kryger, Colin Duke
2011: N/A
2012: Trevor Lardinois
2013: Adam Socha, Karlye Whitt
2014: Jesse Gazella
2015: Katie Gillis, Brett Byrnes
2016: Brooke Linzmeier, Lexi Parr, Justin Warax
2017: Nolan Kozlovsky
2018: Hunter Bowman, Tyler Tanner, Ryan Winkler
2019: Trevor Tengowski, Kanna Kreuser
2020: Austin Kobylarczyk, Caleb Wilinski