Auditions for Wind Ensemble

Auditions are held in April each year.
Scale sheets are available from your band teacher.
To sign up for an audition time or for more information,
contact Mr. Busch at 822-6828 or

For Incoming Freshmen:

  1. Student must be recommended by Mr. Kozlovsky
  2. Student must have played a class A solo for Solo & Ensemble
  3. Student must successfully perform and record the major & minor scales on the scale sheet @ mm = 52 with the "smartmusic" music software program. Each major and minor scale will be followed by 2 beats of rest before the next set of major/minor scale begins.
  4. A resume of the students accomplishments, private musical study etc. is a added bonus for a deeper understanding of level of dedication and commitment by the student.

For Current High School Band Members:

  1. Student must have played an class A or B solo for Solo & Ensemble
  2. Student must successfully perform the major & minor scales on the scale sheet @ mm = 52

Students who opt to play the scales faster than the specified tempo will receive a higher point value based upon the tempo selected.