About Us

Who Are The Pulaski Music Boosters? We are YOU!  The voting members of the Pulaski Music Boosters are the parents and guardians of the current students in Band and Choir at Pulaski High School.

How do I become a member?  There are no membership fees,  membership is free.  There is no application form.  If you have a student in a music program at Pulaski High School, you are automatically a voting member. If you do not have a student in a music program at Pulaski high School, but support the music programs, you are a member. Sorry, we have to limit the voting members to the parents and guardians of the students in the program.

Current members:

School Year President Vice President Treasurer Secretary
2020-21 Kelli Birk Margaret Winkelman Helen Seiltz Rachel Cheney
2019-20 Jennifer Rhoades Kelli Birk Helen Seiltz Rachel Cheney
2018-19 Mindy Jensen Jennifer Rhoades Lisa Voelker Lisa Evenson
2017-18 Renee Slezewski Mindy Jensen Lisa Voelker Lisa Evenson
2016-17 Lisa Voelker Renee Slezewski Laura Hickson Laura Fenendael
2015-16 Jennifer Rhoades Lisa Voelker Laura Hickson Laura Fenendael
2014-15 Kathy DeBoth Jennifer Rhoades Elaine Gajewski Kathy Walsh
2013-14 Ann Kaseno / Michelle Baranczyk Kathy DeBoth
Elaine Gajewski Kelly Jessel
2012-13 Barb Stephanie

Ann Kaseno / Michelle Baranczyk

Gloria Morgan Kelly Jessel
2011-12 Ann Kaufman Barb Stephanie
Gloria Morgan Jean Schreder
2010-11 Susan House Ann Kaufman Sheila LaPlante Jean Schreder
2009-10 Roy & Tyra Smith Susan House Sheila LaPlante Jeff MolnarE
2008-09 Ray & Kim Tauscher Roy & Tyra Smith Cathy Ripley Jeff Molnar
2007-08 Neal & Julie Maccoux Ray & Kim Tauscher Margie Kizar JoLynne Stewart


How do the Pulaski Music Boosters Help?
We help chaperone the kids
We help with setup and take down at events
We help with practices
We provide water and food at certain events
We help maintain the uniforms
We fundraise
We provide scholarships for some items
We help with offsetting costs for some special events
We load and unload the trailer
We help coordinate Trips & Events
We help, where ever we can with the music programs.


 How can YOU help?  

  • Sign up to help
  • Show up to help, for many events we don’t do signup sheets, just show up and ask how can you help!
  • Help with the fundraisers
  • We are always in need of people to help. Don’t worry that you may not know what to do, we were all in that position at one time.
  • Don’t assume someone else will do it.
  • If you have ideas share them!


How does the Pulaski Music Boosters get funds to help with things?

  • Chilirific Musicpalooza
  • Pie & Ice Cream Social at Concert on the Concourse
  • Shirt, Jacket, and Special Sales Items
  • Concessions sales at Solo & Ensemble & other events
  • Frank’s Theater Production
  • Raffle Tickets
  • DVD Sales
  • Yard Sign Sales
  • Cookbook Sales


What does the Pulaski Music Boosters do with the funds it makes?  

  • We try to help pay for transportation costs associated with Audition and Invitation Events the Music Programs participate in.
  • We have helped pay for the Solo & Ensemble medals and awards.
  • We have helped pay for “Feed the Music Events” where applicable
  • We have helped pay for guest Artists
  • We have helped pay for some meals on Music trips.
  • We have provided scholarships.
  • We have helped with repair & enhancements to the instruments and equipment.
  • We have provided the trailer that is used to transport the instruments to events.
  • We have provided Water & Gaterade
  • Assistance Scholarships for continuing music education.
  • Assistance Scholarships for Excellence in music programs that are achievement based and state or nationally recognized.


How do the Music Boosters Decide on what to pay for? 

  • We vote at the Pulaski Music Booster meetings, show up, your vote counts and your student receives points for you showing up.
  • The executive board has authority to make these decisions to a preset limited amount.
  • Some guidelines we may use:
    • Does it benefit the majority in the music program?
    • Does it promote the growth, activity or improve the music program?
    • Have the program leaders/students/parents/ guardians been active in raising funds that contribute to the Pulaski Music Boosters?
    • Is it directly related to a music program?
    • Is it a required expense? i.e. liability insurance
    • Should this be an expense the Pulaski Music Boosters assist with or should it be part of the School’s budget?