2020 Summer PHS Band and Marching Band Information

Summer 2020 PHS Band and Marching Band Information

During June 2020, group music lessons are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and last for 1 hour. Students are expected to attend a minimum of 1 lesson per week, totalling 3 summer lessons. Summer band lessons available for all band students and are required for students who are members of the Red Raider Marching Band. Concert on the Concourse is also required for marching band members.

 Summer Band Lessons:

 Tuesdays: (June 16, 23, & 30)

8:00AM Clarinets

9:00AM Flutes/Mallets

10:00AM Alto Sax/French Horns/Mellos

11:00AM Bass Drums/Cymbals

1:00PM Snares/Quads

2:00PM Tenor Saxes/Trombones/Baritones

3:00PM Tubas/Bari Saxes


Wednesdays: (June 17, 24, & July 1)

8:00AM Tubas/Bari Saxes

9:00AM Tenor Saxes/Trombones/Baritones

10:00AM Snares/Quads

11:00AM Clarinets

1:00PM Flutes/Mallets

2:00PM Alto Saxes/French Horns/Mellos

3:00PM Trumpets


Thursdays: (June 18, 25, & July 2)

8:00AM Trumpets

9:00AM Alto Saxes/French Horns/Mellos

10:00AM Tenor Saxes/Trombones/Baritones

11:00AM Tubas/Bari Saxes

1:00PM Bass Drums/Cymbals

2:00PM Flutes/Mallets

3:00PM Clarinets


Concert on the Concourse: July 2


Marching Band

If your child is joining marching band, he/she will need to be present for summer band lessons, Polka Days Parade, Band Camp, other parades, and the marching rehearsal/football schedule.  


• July 19, 2020: Polka Days Parade

• July 27-July 31: Band Camp 

June Marching rehearsals are on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 5:30 report drum line and color guard, 6:30 winds, 9:30 dismissal. 


Pulaski High School Red Raider Marching Band 2020 Tentative Summer Parade Schedule

Friday, June 12th - Brillion, WI “Brillionfest” Night Parade @ 9 PM

Saturday, July 4th - Manawa, WI “Midwest Rodeo” Parade @ 10:30 AM

Sunday, July 12th - Marinette, WI “Logging & Heritage Festival” Parade @ Noon

Sunday, July 19th - Pulaski, WI “Polka Days” Parade @ 11:00 AM

Saturday, August 8th - Seymour, WI “Home of the Hamburger” Parade @ 11:00 AM

Monday, September 7th - Suring, WI “Labor Day” Parade @ ?

Saturday, September 12th - Lena, WI “Dairy Fest” Parade @ ?



 In August, we will have Wednesday evening rehearsals from 5:30 (drum line and color guard) and 6:30 (winds) until 9:30pm. Once school begins, our rehearsals will switch to Thursday night and end at 8:30pm

 Home football game schedule:


• August 21

• August 28

September 4

September 18

October 9

October 16